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Meet Nick Rietz from Bilson Eleven

Our newest GRA member is Bilson Eleven in Annfield Place, just off Duke Street in Dennistoun.

Bilson Eleven opened nearly 3 years ago and is run by chef Nick Rietz, sommelier Mark Keating and front of house, Liz Rennie. Their menu features classic flavours, techniques and Scottish ingredients, creating a wonderfully unique dining experience.

We posed our '10 questions' to Nick and here's what he had to say:

1. Best coffee in Glasgow?

I'm a single espresso man, as long as it's an Italian roast well poured and served straight away I'm happy.

2. Best for brunch?

It's best to ask my wife this question she loves the Glasgow cafe scene - when she can get me out of the kitchen it's East on Duke Street but most of the time I like to knock up brunch for us at home.

3. Best for a Romantic meal?

Ahh romantic meals – I remember them! With running the restaurant and taking care of our two young kids romantic meals are few and far between. When we get the opportunity it's a planned occasion and usually out of town. An evening that has stuck with me when we had a bit more leisure time was when Liz took me to my first Glasgow restaurant for dinner. This was Two Fat Ladies at The Buttery which with silver service and wood paneled walls is the perfect setting for a romantic meal.

4. Best place for groups of friends/family?

We're very lucky being in Dennistoun – Coia's and Celino's are perfect for larger groups. We use both for the kids birthday's as they make a song and dance when bringing out the birthday cakes the grannies love it.

5. Glasgow's hidden gem?

Temaki on Hope Street. I'm not sure if it classifies as a hidden gem as it's a good location but the layout and interior is low key. I go in with good intentions of having sushi and sashimi but end up ordering a massive bowl of kimchi rice.

6. Best bar?

If staying local after work it's Redmonds. Mcchuills is always a good crowd and cracking music and if we fancy a late one Max's on Queen Street. Tequila verditas all round!

7. Best chef in the city?

Brian Maule. He went to France at a young age and did the proper training. You can always tell a good chef by how well they prep potatoes and his turning skills and pommes noisettes are legendary.

8. Best dish you've ever eaten?

Croccantino di Foie Gras at Osteria Francescana. It looks like a Magnum ice lolly but you bite into it and it's foie gras with aged balsamic covered in piemonte hazelnuts. One bite and it's insane!

9. You're hosting a dinner and can invite six guests, dead or alive, who would you ask?

Keith Moon, Orson Welles, Peter Sellers, Will Ferrell, Jack Nicholson and Richard Pryor. I'm pretty sure I'd need to close the restaurant for six months at least after that night!

10. Glasgow's best restaurant?

There's a wee place opened on Annfield Place I'm not sure if you've heard of it...

Bilson Eleven, 10 Annfield Place, Dennistoun

Glasgow, G31 2XQ, 0141 554 6259

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