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10 things.... Gerry Sharkey: Head Chef at La Bonne Auberge

We popped in to say hi to the team at La Bonne Auberge and have a chat with their Executive Head Chef, Gerry Sharkey, about all his favourites when it comes to food and drink.

What's the best coffee in Glasgow?

Cafe Fame on Hope Street

Where's the best brunch in the city?

There are many great places in Glasgow for brunch on Great Western Road and in fact, in the West End in general but my favourite has to be Kelvingrove Cafe on Argyle Street, Emma and her team are great and consistently get it right

Where's the best restaurant for a romantic meal?

It all depends on what you like but I would plump for the place in Glasgow that, for me, that combines good food with great service and a first class atmosphere: plump 29 Bar and Grill, Royal Exchange Square.

Where's the best place to go for groups of friends and family?

The Grill on the Corner is a great space with good food, drinks and atmosphere

Any hidden gems in the city we need to know about?

Without a doubt it has to be Thai Lemongrass on Renfrew Street. The food and service are first class.

What's the best bar in Glasgow?

Once again I would have to say Kelvingrove Café on Argyle street

Who is the best chef in Glasgow?

David Friel from the Mortimer Group wins it for me. He is a great person and a great chef: has so much great experience that is evident across his numerous outlets where I consistently eat great food.

What is the best dish you've ever eaten?

Pot au Feu in a gorgeous little restaurant in Paris many years ago. I still remember drinking out the pot!

You're hosting a dinner and can invite 6 guests, dead or alive, who would you ask? 

Now that’s a question and a half, here's  who I would like around my table.

Willie Pike, Jim Mullen, Gordon Leitch, Matthew Donnelly, John Hughes and Scott Girvan.

Why? They are 6 great chefs with great stories and the type of sense of humour meaning there is no need to worry about airs and graces.

What is, in your Glasgow’s best restaurant right now?

Ox and Finch or The Gannet

La Bonne Auberge continues to thrive and innovate under the guidance of their award winning Executive Head Chef, Gerry Sharkey. Using only the freshest ingredients, the menus offer excellent value for money and tantalising cuisine inspired by France and the Mediterranean.

Lamb Loin, La Bonne Auberge

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