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Gordon St Coffee Q&A

Tell us a little about Gordon St Coffee

We are a small batch coffee producer that have been operating out of Glasgow Central Station since 2014. Our team serve up coffee every day for commuters and visitors to the city centre.

Where do you roast your coffee?

You only have to pop upstairs to see our master roaster Jon hard at work. Our Diedrich roaster makes all the coffee you see in store so our beans hit the shelves as fresh as possible.

What if I don’t know what Coffee to get?

We have a wide range on offer but there’s always a member of staff on hand to give a little advice and find something that fits your tastes. If you’re completely stumped, we always have a coffee of the week on special offer, it’s a great way to try something new.

Do you sell ground coffee?

Of course. We grind all our beans to order. Not only does this keep your coffee fresher longer, it also lets us grind for your specific needs. Whether you use a French Press, filter or Espresso machine, we’ll grind to get you the best quality end product.

What’s the best way to make coffee at home?

This is entirely down to taste. In my own kitchen I have a French Press, Aeropress and V60 so I have some variety. We sell several home brew methods in store and the staff are always happy to give guidance.

Can we get Gordon St Coffee anywhere else?

Yes. We supply several other bars and restaurants including Alston bar and beef that you can find just downstairs from our store and its sister restaurant in Manchester. We have expanded to supply other locations across Glasgow and now even further afield in Edinburgh and London.

Can we order online?

We run a shop on our website where you can order from our range of coffees and more. Orders are delivered straight to your door, so even if you’re not in Glasgow you can still enjoy the Glasgow roast and the rest of our growing selection.

What’s the most popular drink in store?

Flat Whites continue to be very popular. Essentially a small latte with lightly frothed milk, the Flat White is a great balance of espresso with smooth milk to take the edge off.

I want to try something new, Any Suggestions?

Cortados have been growing in popularity of late and are a great option on the go. Essentially an Espresso topped with a small amount of frothy Cappuccino style milk, this drink really lets you get the flavour of our espressos.

As a Barista, What do you like to drink?

It may not be the most exciting option but I, like many of the staff here at Gordon St, opt for black coffee. Whether it’s a small americano or a cup of filter, nothing beats its simplicity.

Tell us about your Filter Coffee

We always have two of our blends available as filter each day. usually this will be our coffee of the week and another selected by our baristas each morning. Filter coffee offers a cleaner, more delicate flavour in contrast to espresso’s body and acidity. Our filter is also perfect for those in a rush as we keep it fresh and ready through the day.

Do you cater to Vegans?

We certainly do. Many of the staff here are Vegan and we want to offer great options for everyone so we stock milk alternatives, vegan goodies and even dairy free hot chocolate.

What’s your milk alternative of choice?

Oat milk is fast becoming the most popular choice. Not only does it taste great, but it froths very similarly to cows milk too meaning you can get the same consistency and finish in a dairy free drink.

Why should we be using Keep Cups?

Keep Cups are a great way to cut down on your personal waste but there are other benefits too. We, like many other cafes, offer discounts for those who bring in Keep Cups so in the long run they pay for themselves. We sell keep Cups in store as part of our goal to cut down on our waste.

Should we go for House Blend or the Glasgow Roast?

Our two espresso blends are both great and personally I like to vary between the two. If you want something light and fruity you should try House. if you want an extra kick in something with a darker, chocolatey finish then the Glasgow Roast is for you.

Any options for those who don’t like hot drinks?

On those rare sunny days here in Glasgow we make our own cold brew. This high caffeine kick is perfect for cooling off. It’s also excellent as a much needed boost for those early morning shifts.

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