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10 things...Meet Luke Tracey, owner of Square Bar and Restaurant

Updated: Mar 26, 2018

The Square Bar and Restaurant in Broomhill may be the new kid on the block but Luke Tracey, a regular in the hospitality industry, has been making waves in the world of great food for many years.

He has been busy working alongside Glasgow's Leading Attractions and the family bloggers of the city but we managed to squeeze a wee ten minutes out of him to find out ten things for GRA.


What is the best coffee in Glasgow?

The Steamie in Finnieston. It's a small but great café with the most amazing coffee and a great selection of brunch and lunch options.

Best place for brunch?

Singl-end Café on Renfrew Street is bursting with atmosphere, the good kind. They offer a fantastic selection of freshly made food with great gluten free options and you always get great service from some great personalities in Glasgow.

Where is your go-to for a romantic meal?

Easy, One Devonshire Garden at Hotel Du Vin. The table by the fire is the perfect spot. The venue is stunning, the service is flawless and the food is phenomenal: the perfect romantic night out.

Where's the best place to go for groups of friends and family?

Mora Bar & Kitchen in Finnieston.

I just love this Italian restaurant in Glasgow. Freshly made food and beautiful interiors not to mention an amazing big bench that can seat around 20 people around making it perfect for groups of friends or family.

Any hidden gems in the city we need to know about?

Alston Bar and Beef underneath Central Station. Quirky surroundings with great service, a gin selection that is worth the visit alone not to mention a variety of steaks that are always cooked to perfection.

What's the best bar in Glasgow?

My favourite and go-to in Glasgow has always been Blue Dog on Bath Street. It's open late night and has classic live entertainment. The cocktails are perfect and the staff KNOW their stuff.

Who is the best chef in Glasgow?

Luciano Mora at Mora Bar & Kitchen. It’s been a really long time since I’ve met someone who is as passionate about fresh produce as Luciano, he is so dedicated to his business and the quality of food he produces. His skill is flawless.

What is the best dish you've ever eaten?

Wow! What a question, this is going to be tough!

A meal that that jumps to mind and I often think about was in a restaurant in Barceloneta in Barcelona that was set on the water. The freshly made Catalonian bread and classic seafood paella - the whole meal was so memorable but it was the seared tuna is what really stood out for me. It was so simple, served with rock salt, fresh rosemary and roasted smoked garlic but the flavour was intense. In fact, so good, I went back the next day and even now, I compare any tuna dish to this one. No one has beaten it yet!

You're hosting a dinner and can invite 6 guests, dead or alive, who would you ask? 

Hmm, I have had to really think about this one but here goes:

Richard Branson: I’d love to pick his brains about how he created an empire from nothing. How he’s developed his business, what mistakes he learned from to create something incredible.

Lady Gaga: Not only would the entertainment be sorted but she would be fascinating to listen to. She’s become an inspiration and icon to millions around the world via her music, charity work and support to minority groups.

Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey: Both of these women are so amazing and inspirational that I can only imagine how incredible the conversation would be. Michelle Obama has helped reshape how people think for a better future. Oprah had a very shaky start to her work life and created something beyond incredible through hard work and learning never giving up.

My best friend Louisa, what kind of friend would I be if I never invited my best friend along?

My mum who is sadly no longer with me. She will always remain one of my major inspirations. She taught me so much in life that I will continue to use daily. She provides me with a major determination to succeed.

She would certainly never turn down the opportunity to be at this dinner party and would certainly ensure no one's glass was ever empty! Also, the karaoke would definitely be set up!

Glasgow's best restaurant?

Porter & Rye in Finnieston: I’ve never had a bad meal, the service is great and they always manage to find me a table even when it's full to the brim and I haven't booked. The atmosphere is always buzzing and the meat is of the highest quality which is why it is my go to for great steak.

The Square Bar and Restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the West End area of Broomhill. You will find a full wine list and a great selection of gin and other spirits a well as great coffee from Thomsons.

The Square Bar and Restaurant

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