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10 things...Meet John Burns from Chez Mal

Chez Mal's Head Chef John Burns has 12 years service with Malmaison, starting as a Commis Chef here in Glasgow, he has worked in all the Scottish Malmaison restaurants, at every position in the kitchen at some point throughout his career. John won Malmaison Chef the Year award in 2013 and is now Group Support Chef for the estate.

Where can you find the best coffee in Glasgow?

Laboratorio Espresso in the City Centre - the atmosphere, coffee and staff are all first class!

Best for brunch in Glasgow? 

I may be a little biased but you can't beat Mal Glasgow, the place is always buzzing at brunch and we reckon our home baked goods and freshly squeezed juices are something to do with that.

Best for a Romantic meal? 

Cail Bruich in the West End. The food is consistently great, the service is first class and the atmosphere is perfect.

Best place for groups of friends/family?

For a smaller group, I love Old Saltys traditional chip shop - you really can't beat eating great fish and chips with all your favourites. For a larger group, my go to is a bit of an old-school favourite: Republic Bier Hall. Great food, love sitting around a big wooden table with my family and friends and not to mention an excellent selection of drinks.

Any hidden gems in the city? 

A’Challtainn seafood restaurant in the East End is a treat. The place is always buzzing with a great feel to it and the food is outstanding. Well worth travelling a very short distance outside the City Centre for.

Best bar in the city?

Inn Deep on Great Western Road is my favourite. The staff know their stuff, the selection of drinks is excellent and the atmosphere is relaxed.

Who is the best chef in the city?

Hands down, Brian Maule. He has been providing consistently great food to Glasgow for a long time and I am yet to be disappointed by anything he makes.

What is the best dish you've ever eaten?

Slow cooked mutton, harissa spiced giant couscous and pomegranate

You're hosting a dinner and can invite 6 guests, dead or alive, who would you ask? 

Paul Bocuse, Miyamoto Musashi, Billy Connolly, Stephen Hawking, Grant Morrison and Terry Pratchett.

What is Glasgow's best restaurant?

Ubiquitous Chip. They have been around a long time and it is easy to see why. They use seasonal produce to create unique dishes and are constantly evolving their menu.

Chez Mal offers a fresh mix of contemporary styled dishes in a relaxed setting. Food and drink lovers will find a selection of ever changing menus that are created using bold flavours and fresh ingredients. In the bar, you will find a selection craft beers, Champagnes and expertly crafted Mal cocktails.

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