Anne Mulhern, Owner,

The Willow Tea Rooms

(97 Buchanan Street & Watt Brothers Department Store) 

"Since joining Glasgow Glasgow Restaurant Association in 2016, The Willow Tea Rooms have enjoyed many benefits and the membership has proved invaluable to us. Not only are we kept informed of industry news, but we get the chance to be part of the marketing campaign and have benefited from GRA's social media campaigns. We have been approached to offer special menus and offers for major events taking part in the city including:  World Irish Dance Championships and European Championships 2018.  The membership has also given us the chance to get involved in the BBC Good Food Show at SEC in 2017 and 2018.  This has been great for raising awareness of the tea rooms to an audience of 20k foodies over the weekend."


Luke Tracey, Owner

The Square Bar & Restaurant


"I was delighted to join the Glasgow Restaurant Association shortly after opening my first restaurant in 2017. The partnership has allowed this new business to reach new people in ways that would have never been possible. Being part of this great association has allowed us to be involved in various exciting events in the city including the BBC Good Food Show, which allowed us to showcase and network with thousands of potential new customers. We have helped host bloggers and were even put forward for a slot of Live TV. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the great support of the GRA.


I am always kept up to date with vital industry news and provided with information on various ways to improve business awareness and link up with many really beneficial companies and organisations in the city.

The Restaurant Association are also great at boosting our social media posts and showcasing our food, competitions and news to their much larger database. 

I look forward to a long relationship with the GRA and am excited to see how this association evolves in the future."

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