The Glasgow Restaurant Association (GRA) is home to Glasgow’s best restaurants.

Welcoming over 2.3million visitors to the city each year, Glasgow has firmly secured its place as a trendsetter in the wide cultural market of Europe.

Stylish, energetic and diverse with great bars and excellent restaurants, it is no surprise that Glasgow is consistently cited as a must-visit destination in travel guides worldwide.

The city is a top UK food destination, one of the best outside of London. Glasgow has the metropolitan feel of an international city but the community spirit of a village.

The Glasgow Restaurant Association (GRA) was formed after several restaurant owners got together to build a community and move the industry forward - uniting the restaurateurs of the city and sharing knowledge, experiences and moving the hospitality industry in the right direction.

The Association has one common aim - to promote the excellence of the Glasgow restaurant landscape on a local, national and international level. 

(pictured Cafe Gandolfi, Albion Street, Glasgow)

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